What began as The Happiness Journey, ANCORA is the love-child of Founder and Creative Director, Monique Ancora. At age 28, Monique left her job as a Marketing Director behind to pursue her love of fashion and fulfil a deep yearning for a more creative, meaningful life.Monique designed her first collection and opened her Seminyak HQ just three months after her exit from the corporate world and her move from Melbourne to Bali, Indonesia.Inspired by the label name The Happiness Journey, each piece of her first collection ‘Dare to Begin’ was an expression of heart and crafted with soul.

“The Happiness Journey was a name that to me represented where I was in life. I made some very big changes during my 28th journey around the sun. All emotionally driven yet consciously orchestrated in an attempt to find just that - happiness. True happiness, and a life of abundance.” Founder & Creative Director, Monique Ancora.

Finally finding an outlet to express her emotionality, Monique believes that it was in stepping out of her comfort zone that she found herself and blossomed as a person, designer and a business woman.

“There is a Greek word that perfectly describes my relationship with my work and how I go about designing and developing each piece. Meraki ~ the soul, creativity or love put into something: the essence of yourself that you put into your work. I’ve always been extremely driven and when I do something, I do it with all that I am, giving it all I’ve got.”

The Happiness Journey experienced a very successful first year and as global wholesale interest beckoned, Monique found herself living the life she had manifested. “I realised I had indeed been on an incredible happiness journey but that the name was no longer enough to encompass me or the label. As my designs strengthened and wholesale came to fruition, I knew it was time for a change.”ANCORA was the obvious choice but still a well-thought-out one.

“I realised that I had given my label a name that couldn’t evolve with me. It couldn’t pivot, mirror my ever-changing emotions or stages of life I was living. ANCORA being my sir-name is unequivocally ingrained into everything I do. It represents me at every stage, in every mood and in every genre. ANCORA blood will always run through my veins and as I grow as a designer and learn more about this industry, this name will support me.It is the perfect combination of paying homage to my roots, expressing the respect, love and pride I have for my family - without ever having the potential to outgrow it.”

ANCORA launches its wholesale into Australia in early June 2018 with Singapore, Dubai and New York set for later this year.